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The Reliable Concrete Contractor

Upgrading your company building requires a lot of contractors to achieve your goals. For one, concrete works are highly important as it is durable and is one of the components in your building. If you’re looking for a company that can help you with your project, Gomez Concrete & More LLC is a professional concrete contractor in Amarillo, TX that can help. Do you want to know more about the services I offer? Scroll down for a quick run-through.

Concrete Contractor

Concrete Contractor


Concrete Driveway Installation

Do you need to have a decent driveway for you, your staff, and your clients? If you haven’t had any suitable driveway since your business opened, I can help! My expertise in driveway installation will be an advantage. I cater to normal or customized driveways for the convenience of everyone. I use the proper concrete that will be able to withstand the weight of any vehicles.


Concrete Retaining Walls

Do you want to style your landscaping through retaining walls? If so, look no any further than my company. With years of experience, I know exactly what to do with retaining walls and to keep your plans in shape. My knowledge when it comes to construction helped me a lot, especially when it comes to adding design, patterns, and even drainage for water.


Sidewalk Installation

Whether you need a proper sidewalk for everyone’s convenience or to abide by your local government’s rules and laws, installation can be tough. However, if you let me do the job for you, I will ensure you a quality service that is done timely and without possible errors


Metal Building

Aside from concrete installation, I also supply metal for buildings, whether it’s for framing, support, or foundation. The metals I produce and provide are all high-quality and durable. I’m a registered company and dedicated to helping businesses grow, hence, you can assure that I won’t be giving you fraud fake materials for my own benefit.0


Concrete Removal

Do you need to get rid of that concrete wall or that extra pavement that’s becoming a hindrance to your projects? If so, I accept concrete removal services in the area for an affordable price!


Dirt Removal

I’m also capable of removing dirt for certain areas, too! I’m equipped with the latest machinery and equipment to get rid of them quickly.

If you’re looking for a professional concrete contractor in Amarillo, TX, you don’t have to look any further than Gomez Concrete & More LLC. Call us today at (806) 341-0188 for more details!